Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New for Jack The Ripper Week! from Jon Hartless

Jack The Theorist
by Jon Hartless

Only one man dares to confront the meaning behind the crimes. Only one man sees through the tangled skein to the truth. Only one man knows the answers.

Or, at least, only one man thinks he knows the answers... Follow Professor Wolf, the world’s first Ripperologist, on his delusional journey into the world of the Ripper. Follow his long-suffering friend, Sir Arthur Smythe, who suspects that it will all end in tears.

Gasp at the revelations. Tremble at the truth. Wonder at the sanity of a mind that leaps from conspiracy to conspiracy without ever touching reality.

Check out the fabulous new tongue-in-cheek murder mystery from Jon Hartless. Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Omnilit and the Vagabondage Press Bookstore.


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