Monday, July 26, 2010

Vagabondage Press News

Look at what our prior contributors have been up to!


From Michael Chacko Daniels
Michael Chacko Daniels from The Battered Suitcase, Autumn 2009, has had some success with what he says are his "bits of entertainment." Grey Sparrow Journal published five senryu (The Twig, The Spreading Chestnut Tree, Buffers, Evening in San Francisco, and Waiting for the Taxidermist) in Issue #5, Spring 2010:

From Doug Matthewson
Two of his pieces - "The Neighborhood" and "Babbage's Messaging Engine And Problems Arising From It's Use" were included in The Boston Literary Magazine Summer 2010 print issue. Available

From Jade Sylvan
Her "Drunk Driving" is in the June issue of Word Riot,
"Gold Dust" and "The Tower" are both in the Spring/Summer issue of the new OVS Magazine.

From Kyle Hemmings
Check out Kyle Hemmings's new online chapbook of short fiction: You Could Pass for Lana Turner at Silkworm Ink Press -

From David McLean
David McLean has a new full length poetry collection, Laughing At Funerals, on sale at Small Press Distribution.

From Sean Patrick Hill
The Imagined Field, has been published by Paper Kite Press, and can be found here.
"Some poems are cast, some are scattered, some are written, some are crafted, some are teased out and some emerge as if by magic. The poems in Sean Patrick Hill's collection The Imagined Field can best be described as wrought, with all the blisters, callouses, sweat, smoke, and force the word carries with it. If you're looking to feel that thunk in the solar plexus you get when you see a hawk dive, tumble, tussle, and take flight with a field mouse in its claws, this is the book for you." Reviews are at elimae and The Line Break.

From Gary Beck
His Book "Expectations" now available at Amazon-- EXPECTATIONS is a passionate exploration of people struggling to cope with a difficult, demanding life.

From V. Ulea
SNAIL - Formed from memories of dreams of memories, Snail is journey of life, introspection, and familial connectitude. Its seven interconnected stories are bonded by mood, plot, a single set of characters, and heart felt emotion; yet separated in a very dream like fashion by time, space, and logic of reality. Beautifully adorned by the artworks of Irene Frenkel, this book is not simply a work to be read and considered, it is a texturized and exhilarating cosmic dance for all the senses

From Nina Schuyler
"The Bob Society" in The Meadowland Review,, the Spring 2010 issue. Her short short, "Collision," will be included in the Able Muse Anthology. It was originally published:

From John Carroll
His short story "Some Come Running Through" appears in the current issue of Versal -

From Mitchell Waldman
FACE IN THE MOON, by Mitchell Waldman, is the story of a young man's journey down the winding road of first love and self-discovery. Check out A FACE IN THE MOON at Amazon.

From Amye Archer
Amye is a finalist in the Creative Nonfiction Magazine blog contest. You can read the entry at her blog at
The winner will be announced in the upcoming issue #39 of CNF.

From Corey Mesler
Unprecedented publishing happenstance: Corey Mesler has two new novels released on the exact same day (March 31, 2010) from two different presses. They are Following Richard Brautigan (Livingston Press) and The Ballad of the Two Tom Mores (Bronx River Press). Along with Corey's other books, they can be ordered signed or inscribed through his bookstore,

From Margaret Karmazin
Margaret Karmazin’s YA Fantasy novel, REPLACING FIONA, has been published by Imagine being sixteen again without losing the worldly knowledge gained from age. In Replacing Fiona, a "dead" ninety-four year old woman accepts such an assignment, finds herself in the body of a teenage suicide and attends the girl's senior year of high school. Only now, it is 2004 instead of 1928 and she is acutely aware that her spiritual growth and possibly the fate of the world depend upon her success.

From Adnan Mahmutovic
Adnan's story 'First Day of Night" won second place in Biscuit Publishing competition
His novel THINNER THAN A HAIR, won the Cinnamon Press competition and was recently released to great reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and Kirkus Discoveries ( The novella is an amazingly poignant and compelling narrative about a young Bosnian Muslim woman caught up in the 1990s Balkan crisis. You can purchase it here:

From Jess C Scott
Jess's novel PORCELAIN (contemporary poetry + fiction), a collection/portfolio of new and previously published short stories, poems, essays, and artwork offers a personal draft of the author’s navigation through a world that is fantastical, offbeat, ironic, unexpected, and true. Jess’s work exudes pure honesty that deserves praise." – RCGNTN Magazine

From Kim Wilson
Kim's novel THE SPICES IN LIFE now available. Christine Veronica Webbster has outlived her cruel parents just to have her emotional after-effects predict her actions and reactions moving forward. The spices that flavor her adult life forces a nervous breakdown on her that she should have seen coming. Having to deal with securing multi-million dollar accounts, for her three companies, to feed her passion to succeed, her inner forewarning of issues to come can only be answered by one, and his name is Grim Reaper. The Spices In Life is available at

From Robert Wexelblatt
Robert's novel ZUBLINKA AMONG WOMEN, winner of the 2008 Indie First Prize for Fiction is available online at

From Colin James
Colin James has a new chapbook of poems published by Thunderclap Press. The book cover is a painting by an old friend, the Scottish Landscape artist John Mackenzie.

From Myra King
Myra King’s short story, "The Black Horse", was shortlisted for the prestigious Glass Woman Prize
Her short story collection, CITY PADDOCK, was published by Ginninderra Press
The royalties from this book will be donated to the Creswick Light Horse Troop. This organization keeps the Light Horse memory alive and helps to save unwanted racehorses. Myra also has two short stories coming up in the print anthology, An Eclectic Slice of Life published by Craig Bezant.

From Jennifer Hollie Bowles
Jennifer's e-chapbook - EVERY MOMENT BREAKDOWN - is now published by Gold Wake Press and available here:

Congratulations Everyone!  

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